Shipping policy

Processing times are currently 5-8 business days. This does not include weekends or major holidays. If you make a purchase during a sale, shipping may take up to 15 business days depending on volume. You can expect to see your items in transit within 48 hours after you receive a shipment notification email. Please allow a full 48 hours to elapse before checking the tracking.

SweetGemLife is a ready-to-ship shop. (This excludes custom items) If you choose to upgrade your shipping speed, please keep in mind that your fees are paid directly to FedEx/UPS/USPS and only cover the actual ship speed. (From the time the item is received by the carrier to the time the item is delivered to you.) Upgrading your shipping speed will not make your items process any faster. (If you email us about the status of your package and your order is still within the above processing timeframe, we will refer you back to this policy page.)

Guide Shipping Protection is available and is pre-selected for every order. If you de-select and/or refuse this shipping protection, and your order is lost/stolen/damaged by the carrier, you are 100% responsible for contacting and following up with the carrier. SweetGemLife LLC will not contact any carrier on your behalf. We provide this protection for both you and for ourselves. If you refuse the protection, you are agreeing that you will be 100% responsible for your order, and that you will not open a bank/card dispute.

All questions/concerns about orders should be emailed to